National Pride Equipment would like to introduce its NEW high speed roll-up “Car Wash Door”. Tailored for in-bay automatics and tunnels the door has many features to help owner/operators improve profitability and reduce overall door maintenance. The “Car Wash Door” comes equipped with vinyl vision panels, fiberglass wind bars, watertight high cycle motor,corrosive resistant

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Standard Features

  • Fiberglass Windbars are used to maintain greater strength and durability
  • Custom vinyl graphics available in any color/style
  • Watertight High Cycle Motor
  • Automatic Curtain Reset System
  • Aluminum Bottom Profile with Rubber Edge and Bendaway Tabs
  • Single or Double Vision Panels available to maintain high visibility
  • Corrosive resistant hardware, roll tube and tracks
  • Bendaway System to minimize damage from accidental impac


Watertight High Cycle Motor

A heavy duty watertight jackshaft operator with direct drive system operates the Car Wash Doors. Included is a manual chain hoist override in case of power loss. Car Wash Door will operate at a speed of 18"-20" per second and 100+ cycles per day. Quality and technology is not sacrificed with this door, as many activations and options are availabe.


Automatic Curtain Reset System

Fiberglass tracks incorporate a maintenance free automatic reset system. If the door is forced out of its tracks by accidental impact the door is designed to reset itself sutomatically into the track for continued operation.


Car Wash Doors are manufactured with 22 ounce puncture resistant vinyl panels that are heat sealed to resist rot and corrosion.


Car Wash Doors Exlusively Designed fot the Car Wash Industry

  • Keeps your wash open during sub-zero temperatures
  • Reduces Overspray
  • Reduces Heat Loss
  • Prevents Freeze-ups